The End of Modern Civilization: How Death Can Lead Us Home

  • Rae Kathleen Mitchell York University
Keywords: Civilization, Death, Society, Economy, Ecology, Bodies, Technology


Modern civilization is inherently unsustainable, and is thus implicated in the progressive annihilation of the natural world. This annihilation is necessary in a system that is perpetuated through capitalist notions of economic productivity in which the importation of goods is required. As each landbase is only capable of sustaining the life forms that exist within its ecosystem, importation means the death of particular ‘other’ bodies and life forms. The only possible endpoint for a system which depends on the importation of finite resources to support itself is death, and for the first time in history, the possibility of an end to all of life on earth is scientifically verifiable (Bahrenberg & Dutkowski, 1993, p. 286)...